Monday, July 20, 2015

Gameplay Trailer

2020Venture is proud to present our finalized trailer for our flagship project Chasing Dead. After over a year of hard work, patience and dedication, we're nearing completion of Beta development. Watch our trailer and visit our website at for more information and to pre-order!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Greetings from 2020Venture

Hello, Earth people! On behalf of the team here at 2020Venture, I want to welcome you all to our developer's blog. Here, we will be promoting the progress of our latest project, Chasing Dead, a horror and sci-fi themed first-person shooter with zombies and mutants! Our vision here at 2020Venture is to deliver a quality game with only the basic, industry-level tools such as Unity 4 and Maya.
This project has been an important endeavor for us. The majority of the team, including myself have gained great experience  making video games. Our project manager/creative director, Musa Sayyed, who is a veteran of the industry and a former employee of the late, great Lucasarts, generously extended his hand to all of us and gave us the hands-on learning experience we needed to create games professionally.

For me, it's been almost a year since I joined, for others it's been longer or several months as we've dedicated almost every week of our time bringing this project to fruition. Now we've finally gotten around to Beta testing and setting up social media to gain awareness of our product. So far, we've posted screenshots and concept art which will eventually lead to the actual trailer and gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure. Naturally, lots of polishing and fine-tuning is needed before our product will be up for grabs, but it will be all worth it in the end. We appreciate your support and please stick to our blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages to be kept apprised of our progress. Also, visit our main website for more info. Thanks!

--Leigh C-2